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Baby Barista - Coffee Board Book

Baby Barista - Coffee Board Book

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We’re Joel & Amber, a husband-wife team who love God, working from a coffee shop, and our sweet, energetic toddler. Our coffee journey started with a $100 espresso machine and evolved into our personal in-home coffee shop with a gorgeous grinder straight from Italy.

We wanted to find a fun way to teach our toddler some of the basic coffee vocabulary to use with his toy espresso machine. We couldn’t find a coffee primer for kids, so Baby Barista was created to fill that gap!

Saturday mornings are for snuggles, family time, and crafting a perfect cup of coffee. When our toddler became enthralled with the process, we looked for a way to teach him some craft coffee basics in a way he could understand. Our search came up empty, and so we created Baby Barista!

Coffee has a way of building a community around it, and we wish you many memorable moments with a perfect brew!

Each book is 6x6x0.375" and 16 pages long.

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