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Little Big Friends

Little Big Friends - Activity Mat with Arches - Forest

Little Big Friends - Activity Mat with Arches - Forest

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This Playmat with Arch-large is full of surprises to discover: features 10 playful multi-sensory activities to boost your baby’s development.
The multisensory activity toys encourages early motor skills. Babies will be entertained with various textures, creatures, and engaging colors for developing their tactile and sensory skills.
Includes supportive Tummy Time pillow. 3 different ways to interact as the baby grows: overhead, tummy time and seated play.

Develops motor skills by encouraging baby to roll over and move his arms and legs to reach colorful hanging toys. Develops fine motor skills with fun texture games and soft materials. All hanging elements are detachable. The arch attaches to the mat.

Ø 1 m, 46 cm H

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