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ezpz - Baby-Led™ Toothbrush in Sage

ezpz - Baby-Led™ Toothbrush in Sage

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Oral health is critical for a baby’s growing mouth, feeding skills and speech development, and dentists recommend a tooth brushing routine before the baby has their first tooth (usually between 3-6 months). It’s best to allow babies to independently grab, hold and control the toothbrush – making brushing less of a battle! The Baby-Led Toothbrush is a toothbrush designed for baby-led oral care, which encourages healthy oral habits and may help prepare your baby - Silicone bristles gently clean gums + new teeth - Sensory bumps provide texture + tactile input - Baby-led handle improves hand-to-mouth coordination and self-feeding skills - Short, fat, round handle makes grasping more successful - Silicone material provides non-slip grip - Toothbrush support the sensorimotor movements for oral care and pre-feeding skills - May help to build tone and strength of gumline, jaw, lips, tongue and cheeks - Made from high quality silicone that is BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalate free - Dishwasher safe


Color: Sage

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