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ezpz - Tiny Pops

ezpz - Tiny Pops

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Finally, a popsicle mold made for infants! ezpz Tiny Pops are portion-sized at ½ oz and have a short, fat, round handle for baby’s grasp. To use, simply freeze breast milk, formula or a smoothie for 4+ hours and (voila!) your baby has nourishment and a treat for their senses! 4 months+ - Set includes Mold, Sleeve, Stand and [2] Handles with Wand - Popsicle sized for baby’s mouth (½ oz) - Frozen sensory bumps provide oral awareness - Short, fat, round handle makes grasping more successful - Silicone sleeve releases popsicles with ease - Stand fits easily in the freezer - Made from Silicone, Nylon and COPP - Dishwasher safe


Color: Pewter

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