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The Mom Life: The Sweet, the Bitter, and the Bittersweet Fruits of Motherhood

The Mom Life: The Sweet, the Bitter, and the Bittersweet Fruits of Motherhood

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This honest reflection on motherhood shares a wholehearted reality check for new mothers looking to normalize the reality of parenthood amidst the funhouse mirrors of social media.

Linda Fruits brings her signature combination of hilarity and empathy to the page in The Mom Life, emphasizing that you're not a bad mother for fondly remembering a time in your life before children, and that sometimes it's ok to feed your toddler chicken nuggets three days in a row. Equal parts sass and inclusiveness, The Mom Life explores the highs and lows of new motherhood, tackling taboo subjects like losing interest in your partner, not immediately loving your baby, and imposter syndrome. 

Beautifully packaged with pages designed in two colors by the author herself, this title will be a must-have for every new mother trying to maneuver the realities of daily life with small children. The Mom Life creates a safe space and a vital contrast to the deluge of information and picture-perfect parenthood accounts popping up across social media. Full of powerful and empowering advice for women looking to set boundaries and take care of themselves, The Mom Life 
is an essential gift for every new mother trying to understand her new normal. 


On SaleMar 21, 2023
Page Count240 pages
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