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Millie Bo Peep

Stone and Rose - Seas The Day Footie Zippered One Piece

Stone and Rose - Seas The Day Footie Zippered One Piece

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Designer: Stone & Rose

Wrap your little loved one in our desirable Footie One Piece that is outfitted with a reversible zipper. Our Signature Snuggle Wear® is made from Natural Bamboo viscose.

We take pride in delivering a hypoallergenic, antibacterial and Eco-friendly product that is the epitome of versatility and functionality.

Our stylish, silky soft Footies are everyday perfection and feel like a warm hug all year-round. Detailed with calming color combinations for extra cuteness and relaxation.

Our Stone and Rose ® customized non-slip grips on the footie create confidence for active walkers and are reinforced with elastic backing for a snug fit. Diaper changing is easy with our two-way reversible zipper, so there is no need to undress your baby.

*Note: This print does have a pinkish hue in the background, as it is a reflection of the sun at dusk.

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