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Sage & Ivory Baby - Bamboo Two-Piece Pajama Set (Wilder)

Sage & Ivory Baby - Bamboo Two-Piece Pajama Set (Wilder)

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Designer: Sage & Ivory Baby

This Bamboo Two-Piece Pajama is lightweight, breathable, and buttery soft!  Made out of 95% Viscose Bamboo and 5% Spandex.

The perfect amount of stretch for your growing little one. Fall in love with your Bamboo pajamas! These are designed to last 3X longer than cotton pajamas.

Bamboo Two-Piece Pajama Set Features: * Reinforced double stitched neckline * Elastic waist, wrist, and ankle Viscose Bamboo fabric is: * Buttery soft and stretchy * Gentle on sensitive skin  * Perfect for hot sleepers * Temperature regulating 

Designed to be snug-fitting in accordance of CPSC safety regulations. These are not treated with any flame retardants/ harsh chemicals. 

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