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Oink! I'm A Pig - Book

Oink! I'm A Pig - Book

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Look through the eyeholes to become your favorite farm animal! This interactive, rhyming board book encourages the imagination and playtime.

Cock-a-doodle do! I'm a rooster! Wake up, I say.

Moooooo! I'm a cow! I chew all day.

At the farm, explore all the sights and sounds of barnyard animal favorites! Hold the book up to your face and look through the die cut eyeholes to transform into a rooster, cow, chicken, horse, dog, pig, and farmer. Little animal lovers can mimic the sounds and let their imaginations run wild as they try out different animal behaviors. The simple, catchy rhymes and bright artwork make this the perfect story time book and crossover into playtime.

Eager for more interactive playtime board books? Check out Roar! I'm a Dinosaur! also by Merrill Rainey. 

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