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Frida Baby

Frida Baby - 3-in-1 Sound Machine + When-To-Wake Clock + Nightlight

Frida Baby - 3-in-1 Sound Machine + When-To-Wake Clock + Nightlight

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  • SOUND MACHINE: Nursery essential with timer/auto shut-off (15, 30, 60 mins) and 7 sleepy sounds - white noise, pink noise, heartbeat, lullaby, bird, waves, and wind. Sounds coordinate with those on the Frida Baby Portable Sound Machine (sold separately).
  • WHEN-TO-WAKE CLOCK: Sleep trainer uses 3 simple colors and sound to help toddlers know when it's okay to get out of bed - Red (Bedtime), Yellow (15 minutes before Wake Time), Green (Wake Time)
  • NIGHTLIGHT: Optional nightlight with 3 warm glow levels plus blackout mode to keep the room completely dark
  • ESSENTIAL FEATURES: Toddler lock prevents unwanted changes and backlit buttons save you from fumbling in the dark
  • BLUETOOTH® SPEAKER: Connect your phone to automatically set the clock's time and play your own sleep sounds
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We don't sleep on service, y'all.
  • INCLUDES: (1) 3-in-1 Sound Machine + When-to-Wake Clock + Nightlight


Getting your kid's snooze schedule in sync with yours can be a nightmare. Opt out of endless all-nighters with the 3-in-1 Sound Machine + When-to-Wake Clock + Nightlight. This all-in-one sleep solution helps you set and maintain healthy routines from Day 1 through toddlerhood. The Sound Machine hooks it up with seven sleepy sounds that make their room feel more like a womb, so your baby can fall (and stay) asleep. When they're ready to own their morning routine, the When-to-Wake Clock punches in as a sleep trainer, using three simple colors to cue toddlers for bedtime and go time. Plus an optional Nightlight keeps the room dim for nighttime check-ins or all-night comfort. It's a dreamy solution for the whole fam.
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