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Slumberkins Inc.

Slumberkins Inc. - Badger Kin Essentials Gift Set: + Book + Basket

Slumberkins Inc. - Badger Kin Essentials Gift Set: + Book + Basket

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Ready to dig up big feelings? Meet Badger! A supporting character in Bigfoot Copes With Hurt Feelings and upcoming collections, Badger is a friend who reminds us to welcome all of our feelings. Partnered this year with our holiday book "Bigfoot Shares His Gift". When gift-giving starts to bring on stressful feelings, “Bigfoot Shares His Gift” can remind children and their families that giving from the heart is always the best place to start. However this special time of year is celebrated, we hope our story will inspire families to turn inwards and shine through your unique gifts, talents, and favorite traditions. Plush and book come accompanied by a felt basket, perfect for display in your store and used as gift packaging! Use Cases: Holiday, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, Presents, Winter, Gifts, Christmas Tree


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